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Frank Tate Learning Centre


The Frank Tate Learning Centre provides a suite of four chambers which have been created to be complementary zones for students: a dedicated small-group study space, a comfortable reading room, an IT zone providing quick access to terminals, and a unique informal learning and social space called the Learning Atoll.

There is NO Helpdesk in this building. Go to ERC level 3.


Facility hours:

Everyday: 7am morning - 1am night

Access to this space is via Student ID CARD.
(If your card isn't working, ring Building Access Control:
8344-8447 weekdays 9am-4pm.)



The spaces

IT Pit Stop

Learning SpaceIT Pit Stop's aim is to give students fast access to computers. The space has 40 PCs, with a time-limit of one hour before auto-logout. Students can use these computers to access the Portal, Google Apps, LMS, printing, and a lot more.

This space also contains collaborative spaces with tables and bench style seating where students can use and re-charge their laptops.


Learning SpaceAtoll is fitted with comfortable fixed and loose soft furnishings. The space has collaborative spaces with benches and tables with access to power for laptop use.

Project Space

Learning SpaceOne room within the Frank Tate building has been equipped with a computer (standard setup), large table, ergonomic chairs and a big LCD screen to facilitate group or collaborative learning.

For more information about booking of this room, please visit this site.

NOTE: Please ensure that the Project Space is kept neat and tidy. It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to remove any rubbish, shutdown the computer and the LCD screen when finished. Excessive mess will result in offenders being banned from using the room.

The Ground Floor Reading Room

Learning Space The reading room supports an environment that is based on private reading and private study. This is a tranquil and inviting area where students can concentrate on a more focused learning activity or just simply relax in the comfortable surroundings.


The Ground Floor Collaborative space

Learning Space The Collaborative Workspace allows larger group learning/working environments. This area includes large format work spaces of various configurations.

Booking: N/A
Computers: 2
Power for recharging laptops: YES, on every table, bring your laptop!


The Frank Tate Learning Centre has B&W and colour printing available to all students. Learn more about printing at the Frank Tate Learning Centre.